Haiku Wisdom collection posted

HAIKU WISDOM : Living the Principles and Philosophies of Kung Fu, Haiku and Nature by Don Baird has been archived here on the More Great Books page of the Tanka In English blog. From the Foreword: “The title of this book is Haiku Wisdom. Its secondary title is Living the Principles and Philosophies of Kung Fu, Haiku and Nature. While much of the book is drawn on the philosophies of martial arts and its centuries of wisdom, it isn’t limited to that. Haiku, themselves, are often written as clear witnesses of nature and her ways. When observed well and written objectively, the messages of nature readily reveal themselves to the reader. Philosophical surprises are around every corner. It simply takes the poet and reader to connect the dots; aha! … the reader walks away with new and wonderful insights of life and its mysterious ways and workings.” This outstanding collection is archived here by permission of the author. This is a great read.

Links & Resources Page Added

A new page has been added to this blog which provides more than a dozen links and resources of use and interest to tanka poets, readers, publishers, etc. Today’s page is just a small beginning. It will be a continuous work in progress as we build up a useful page for our readers and contributors. You are invited to email me at tankainenglish@protonmail.com with active links you believe would be appropriate for tanka lovers and of wide interest among them. The blog menus in the header and in the right sidebar include links to the new LINKS & RESOURCES PAGE.

On a Personal Note . . .

My beloved wife Deborah passed away last year. On the 27th of June this year we celebrated a memorial service on the anniversary of her death. Posted above are a few favorite photographs from her too-short life. You can read She Walked Among the Blossoms, the memorial collection of poems for Deborah, here online that I published last autumn. A few days before the anniversary memorial service, I wrote a longer poem in her memory.

Hand in Hand Eternally

As solemn as I was
When I asked your father for
Your hand in marriage,
How little did I realize
What a treasure he bestowed.
Over our years together
How many thousands of times
You gave your hand to me.
Your hand gently on my shoulder.
On my cheek, whether I wept or laughed.
On my lips, when I had said enough.
On my heart, to say, “I know.”
On my back, to give me strength.
On my knee, to say, “I’m here.”
And best— oh, best of all ! —
Your hand in mine, my love.
Now I raise my hands,
Although they ache with emptiness,
To our merciful God
In prayers of praise and thanksgiving
For His mighty and loving hands
That made ours and joined them forever.

Denis M. Garrison – In loving memory of Deborah Lynn Garrison, 1951-2018.

More Great Books added to Tanka In English

In addition to our links pages for || MET Journal || Tanka Teachers Guide || Tanka Anthologies || The Poetry of Denis M. Garrison || Haiga || our MORE GREAT BOOKS page provides links for other books that are online here for you to read and download. Included, so far, are: * HAIKU HARVEST: Journal of Haiku in English * MEALS AT MIDNIGHT: Poems by Michael McClintock * ATLAS POETICA: A Journal of Poetry of Place in Modern English Tanka * PRUNE JUICE: Journal of Senryu and Kyoka * MODERN HAIGA (2008 & 2009) * TAKE FIVE: Best Contemporary Tanka * AMBROSIA: Journal of Fine Haiku * CONCISE DELIGHT: Magazine of Short Poetry *

All of these works are included in their entirety and are free for you to read and/or download. There is more than one summer’s worth of reading here for your enjoyment. Go to MORE GREAT BOOKS.

How to Use this Blog

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Welcome to Tanka In English

Modern English Tanka Press, aka MET Press or simply METP, is a publisher of fine poetry of lasting value. From 2006 to 2011, we published a number of poetry journals, collections, and scholarly works with the purpose of popularizing the ancient Japanese poetic form, tanka (formerly called waka) and promoting the reading and composition of tanka in English. While tanka was our primary focus, we published poetry in other Japanese and western forms. Haiku and American cinquains were secondary specialities. The purpose of this blog is to continue our outreach in support of promotion of poetry and facilitating its dissemination amongst both poets and readers. MET Press published a flagship journal entitled Modern English Tanka which we are making available to readers here since it is out of print. We also published five anthologies that were, at the time, considered a “new wave” in tanka in English. Those are also available on this blog. Feel free to read these and the other fine collections of tanka, haiku, and other poems online here and to download their PDF versions for yourself and to share with others.

Best wishes to you all.

Denis M. Garrison, poet, editor, and publisher. May 27, 2019.