How to Use this Blog

TANKA IN ENGLISH blog is the website of Modern English Tanka Press [2006-2019]. It has extensive poetry resources for readers, poets, and educators. We have designed it for easy use. A few guidelines follow,

Navigate the site using the complete “main pages” linked in the sidebar to the right. Additionally, the most important page links are also listed at the top of each page. Other links appear here and there within the bodies of pages and posts. Links do not open new tabs so, to return from a page to the previously viewed page use your browser back button. If you want to open new tabs when you click on links, right-click and choose “open link in new tab.” Any links within the papers and publications archived on this blog may or may not open new tabs.

You need a PDF reader to view books on this blog. We suggest Adobe Acrobat Reader or IrfanView or SumatraPDF at All are free downloads.

The main books pages each include an “Educational Use Notice” towards the bottom of the page. Please read this notice at least once so that you can understand our purposes and policies for the poetry archives.

* NOTICE – We do not offer retail sales on this website for our own publications nor for any other publications. We do permit links to other venues (Amazon, B&N, etc.) from which people can purchase print books or ebooks.

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