On a Personal Note . . .

My beloved wife Deborah passed away last year. On the 27th of June this year we celebrated a memorial service on the anniversary of her death. Posted above are a few favorite photographs from her too-short life. You can read She Walked Among the Blossoms, the memorial collection of poems for Deborah, here online that I published last autumn. A few days before the anniversary memorial service, I wrote a longer poem in her memory.

Hand in Hand Eternally

As solemn as I was
When I asked your father for
Your hand in marriage,
How little did I realize
What a treasure he bestowed.
Over our years together
How many thousands of times
You gave your hand to me.
Your hand gently on my shoulder.
On my cheek, whether I wept or laughed.
On my lips, when I had said enough.
On my heart, to say, “I know.”
On my back, to give me strength.
On my knee, to say, “I’m here.”
And best— oh, best of all ! —
Your hand in mine, my love.
Now I raise my hands,
Although they ache with emptiness,
To our merciful God
In prayers of praise and thanksgiving
For His mighty and loving hands
That made ours and joined them forever.

Denis M. Garrison – In loving memory of Deborah Lynn Garrison, 1951-2018.

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