A Change of Venue

I no longer can live in solitude at my little studio. The last several weeks I have spent in hospital and rehabilitation. Now I live in an assisted living setting. To everything, there is a season. Fortunately, I still have my computer and access, so I plan to continue this blog. I hopefully expect to continue to add resources and publications to this Tanka In English site. Inasmuch as I will not be sending off my new poems in submission for publication at any of my favorite fine tanka, haiku, etc., online and print venues, I will publish them by posting to Tanka In English. I hope you will follow my blog or check in from time to time for the latest. You are invited to email me at dengary@protonmail.com with suggestions, comments, and so on. — Denis M. Garrison

4 thoughts on “A Change of Venue

  1. Hello Denis,

    Yes, there is always a change in seasons. i am able to still live alone, but moved to a condo community, giving up my isolated home in the country. I keep on writing, as you do.

    best wishes,


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