A New Article on Cinqku has been Added

My cinqku #6.

Cinqku, a strict form analog of minimalist tanka, is a form I created. My 2005 Haiku Harvest editorial, many of my own cinqku, and a brief new article (January 2020) describing my final prosody of cinqku, have been uploaded. The link is on the Essays & Articles Page. Here is the introduction to the final prosody article: “This very brief edit of my original 2005 prosody of the cinqku is my last word on this matter. I developed cinqku as a haiku analog, hence the 17-syllable requirement. However, after much experience with this form, I found it to be intrinsically a set form variety of minimalist tanka. Inasmuch as minimalist tanka written originally in English had long been practiced, the innovation in this form consists in the strict form requirements. It is my considered opinion that the inherent advantages of strictly formal verse operate maximally in the most radically brief forms. That is to say, the risk of formulaic excess present in all formal poetry is minimized by the skillful practice of radical brevity.” Read and download Cinqku here.