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ESSAYS & ARTICLES PAGE has been added to this blog which provides some of the essays, articles, editorials, etc., which I have written over the last few decades. They may be of use and interest to tanka, haiku, and cinquain poets, readers, academics, publishers, etc. They are not in chronological order because they were not originally written as an intentional series. I hope you find something here that is worthwhile to you. The blog menus in the header and in the right sidebar include links to the new Essays & Articles page. Read and download Essays & Articles here.

The Brink at Logan Pond

I am home again after two heart operations. The experience brought to mind the title poem of my first book length collection of poems. It is not radically brief poetry, but still a personal favorite and now with a new resonance for me.

The Brink at Logan Pond

On Logan Pond, the rose gold sky in pines’
Embrace between the cedar-shrouded hills,
Now from the stained-glass stone-still surface shines,
Just wrinkling at the emptying of rills.
The heavens condescended on this cruel
And vacant stretch of wet, this verdant sink.
Beneath its jeweled face, this silent pool
Still craves the careless creatures from the brink.
Just pausing there, at water’s edge, I feel
The almost tidal pull of Logan Pond.
It tempts me from the land, to blindly reel
In wanton waves and break my earthly bond.
The gorgeous waste shall not see me descend.
I’ll stand my ground ashore until the end.