Haiga refers very specifically to haiku with artwork but in the 21st century it is used more generally to refer to short verse with artwork including photography, painting, drawing, etc.. Here is a link to perhaps the major resource online regarding haiga, certainly the oldest, the great journal, Haigaonline.

MODERN HAIGA At MET Press, we welcome a wide variety of styles and poetic forms. We published two annual issues of a journal for such art called Modern Haiga which were edited by boards of editors who were all haiga artists or writers or both. Read & download * Modern Haiga 2008 * Read & download Modern Haiga 2009 *

Haiga by Denis M. Garrison. I both joined my poetry in collaboration with artists and occasionally created the art myself. In the following gallery are my collaborative haiga with three artists: The art for the first one, “dawn waits,” was done by well-known Japanese artist, Kuniharu Shimizu. For the second group, the late and great Indian poet and artist, Dr. Angelee Deodhar created the artwork. Most of her work is credited on the piece, but some she made for me as gifts and do not show her credit. The last group was made in collaboration with the amazing artist-poet Alexis K. Rotella who did all the art and about half of the poetry. Credits appear on all those pieces. Click on any piece to see them all in a slide-show format.

The following gallery includes only the haiga for which I made both the poetry and the artwork. Five of my haiga (four that are not included below) may be viewed in Modern Haiga 2008 on pages 20, 27, 39, 48, 62. Several of the haiga I made over the years have slipped through the cracks of my computers’ hard drives. If I find any of my fugitive haiga, I will add them to this page.

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