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This page will be a continuous work in progress. I will be adding and removing items; editing and expanding items . . . you get the picture. There are links and resources scattered throughout the other pages of this blog. I will put those of more general use on this page. Also, since we are not selling anyone’s books on this website and there are no shopping cart or catalog pages, information on buying various poets’ books will be posted on this page.

Find books by poets cited on this blog

Denis M. Garrison’s books for sale: Author Page at See also most other booksellers.

M. Kei’s books for sale: Keibooks.


Barnes & Noble
Lulu Press

Organizations & Journals

Atlas Poetica: A Journal of World Tanka
Tanka Online
Tanka Society of America / Ribbons journal
United Haiku & Tanka Society / cattails journal


Secondary market sources to check for any writer’s out of print books:

Keibooks Resources is an excellent starting place to research the American or Crapseian Cinquain, an early 20th century tanka analog created by Adelaide Crapsey. I note that the owner, Aaron Toleos, cites one of my AMAZE : The Cinquain Journal essays on the prosody of the cinquain and also lists my “crown cinquain” and “garland cinquain” variations. It is a brief and concise site, worth reading in its entirety.