The Poetry of Denis M. Garrison

This page provides links to the poetry collections and other works of the blog owner and publisher (2006-2019) of Modern English Tanka Press, Denis M. Garrison. To view Garrison’s haiga poetry & art, go to the Haiga page of this site.

You need a PDF reader to view books on this blog. We suggest Adobe Acrobat Reader or IrfanView or SumatraPDF at All are free downloads.

First Winter Rain : Selected Tanka from 2006–2010 is the collection of my best tanka poetry from my first five years. You can read the first edition at the link above. First Winter Rain is also archived here online.

Barefoot on the River Stones is a compilation of all my collections up to 2018. You can read all my books right here.

She Walked Among the Blossoms : A Tribute to Deborah Lynn Ripperger Garrison is a memorial collection for my beloved wife. Notice: This title is also included in Barefoot on the River Stones as well. A separate print edition was published primarily as a memorial keepsake for all of Debbie’s many family and friends. It has been used as a text for ministry to the bereaved.

Sailor in the Rain and Other Poems is the 1st edition collection of my poetry in traditional western forms or in free verse. It includes poems written over five decades.

Hidden River : Haiku is my third haiku collection, arranged seasonally. Hidden River is archived at The Haiku Foundation website.

Fire Blossoms: The Birth of Haiku Noir is my second collection of haiku, more specifically, of the nonce form, “haiku noir.” Fire Blossoms is archived at The Haiku Foundation website.

Eight Shades of Blue : Haiku is my first haiku collection. In addition to the haiku, my earliest tanka, haiku noir, and crystallines (haiku couplets) appear in this collection which is in its third edition. Eight Shades of Blue is archived at The Haiku Foundation website.

Port of Call and Other Poems My poems from this early joint chapbook (Barry Redmond was the second poet) were incorporated into my later collection, Sailor in the Rain and Other Poems. Given their brevity, they also appear here in their original ordering from the three chapbook editions separately published from 1975 to 2005.

Three Odd Tales These short stories were published first in Talisman literary journal, Towson University, Maryland. (1972–1973). .

The Brink at Logan Pond, published in 2005 and long out of print, was incorporated into the later collection, Sailor in the Rain and Other Poems. Given its length, it has not been separately included herein in its original ordering as that would be redundant. Likewise poems in the long out of print Collected Poems 1972-2005 were also incorporated into Sailor in the Rain and Other Poems and it is not separately included herein.

Purchasing Notes : My print editions which are no longer available on because they are out of print still sell on the secondary market. Check my author page at for such titles. Other secondary market sources to check for any writer’s out of print books include and

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