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In addition to our links pages for || MET Journal || Tanka Teachers Guide || Tanka Anthologies || The Poetry of Denis M. Garrison || Haiga || this page provides links for other books that are online here for you to read and download. Included, so far, are: * HAIKU HARVEST: Journal of Haiku in English * MEALS AT MIDNIGHT: Poems by Michael McClintock * ATLAS POETICA: A Journal of Poetry of Place in Modern English Tanka * PRUNE JUICE: Journal of Senryu and Kyoka * MODERN HAIGA (2008 & 2009) * TAKE FIVE: Best Contemporary Tanka * AMBROSIA: Journal of Fine Haiku * CONCISE DELIGHT: Magazine of Short Poetry * HAIKU WISDOM : Living the Principles and Philosophies of Kung Fu, Haiku and Nature by Don Baird *

This links page is not limited to MET Press publications. If you have works, for which you own the copyrights and can give us permission to post online, you may submit them to the publisher at for consideration. Poetry books are notoriously ephemeral and archiving them online to be freely read and downloaded* extends their life and accessibility to poetry readers around the world. Don’t be shy. Consider posting here.

* NOTICE – We do not offer retail sales on this website for our own publications nor for any other publications. We do permit links to other venues (Amazon, B&N, Keibooks, etc.) from which people can purchase print books or ebooks.

HAIKU HARVEST : Journal of Haiku in English, edited by Denis M. Garrison, was dedicated to publishing and promoting haiku, both in the western tradition of classical haiku and in all related forms, including tanka. It gave generous space to poets so they could demonstrate the range of their poetry and it promoted innovation by providing a showcase for poetry in new forms that were serious attempts to assimilate the haiku and tanka tradition in forms within the English poetic tradition. Poets from thirty nations were published in this ground-breaking journal. HAIKU HARVEST : 2000 – 2006 is a compilation of the eleven issues of Haiku Harvest : Journal of Haiku in English plus two issues of Haiku Noir and one issue of Ku Nouveau, both of which were incorporated into Haiku Harvest. Read & download. Haiku Harvest: 2000 is archived at the American Haiku Archives in Sacramento, California. Haiku Harvest : 2000-2206 is archived at The Haiku Foundation website.

MEALS AT MIDNIGHT : Poems by Michael McClintock Posted here with the permission of the author. (See review at Read & download.

ATLAS POETICA : A Journal of Poetry of Place in Modern English Tanka – The first four issues, published by Modern English Tanka Press. Editor: M. Kei. Posted here with the permission of Keibooks, the present publisher of Atlas Poetica. This journal has become a major force in the tanka world. You are encouraged to read the later issues. Learn more at Keibooks. Read & download: Issue I * Issue 2 * Issue 3 * Issue 4

PRUNE JUICE : Journal of Senryu and Kyoka Editor: Alexis K. Rotella. First two issues of the journal, published by Modern English Tanka Press. Posted here with the permission of the editor, Alexis Rotella. Read & download: Issue 1 * Issue 2. See the continuing Prune Juice journal, now edited by Steve Hodge, here on WordPress.

MODERN HAIGA At MET Press, we welcome a wide variety of styles and poetic forms. We published two annual issues of a journal for such art called Modern Haiga which were edited by boards of editors who were all haiga artists or writers or both. Read & download * Modern Haiga 2008 * Read & download Modern Haiga 2009 *

TAKE FIVE : Best Contemporary Tanka. These four truly extraordinary anthologies of the best of contemporary tanka poetry were edited by M. Kei and an international board of editors expert in the form for each volume. Members of the editorial boards were Alex von Vaupel, Alexis Rotella, Amelia Fielden, Andrew Riutta, Angela Leuck, Aurora Antonovic, Bob Lucky, Claire Everett, David Rice, David Terelink, James Tipton, Janick Belleau, Kala Ramesh, M. Kei (Editor-in-Chief), Magdalena Dale, Owen Bullock, Pamela A. Babusci, Patricia Prime and, last but far from least, Sanford Goldstein. Three volumes were published by Modern English Tanka Press while the fourth and final anthology was published by Keibooks. Posted here with the permission of the editor-in-chief and copyright-holder, M. Kei. Read & download * Take Five Vol. 1 * Take Five Vol. 2 * Take Five Vol. 3 *

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AMBROSIA: Journal of Fine Haiku, 2008-2010, edited by Denis M. Garrison. A rare publication for MET Press in that it accepted only haiku meeting fairly traditional style haiku standards and published only 101 poems per issue. A small gem among MET Press journals, it found a very appreciative audience. Read & download * Ambrosia Issue 1 * Ambrosia Issue 2 * Ambrosia Issue 3 * Ambrosia Issue 4 * Ambrosia Issue 5 * All issues of Ambrosia are archived at The Haiku Foundation website.

CONCISE DELIGHT: Magazine of Short Poetry, edited by Denis M. Garrison. This journal was dedicated to radically brief verse. It was not limited to Eastern poetic forms. Submissions came from everywhere for this journal. Many poets bemoaned the lack of venues for very short verse. Read & download * Concise Delight – Issue 1 Summer 2009 * Concise Delight – Issue 2 Winter 2009 *

HAIKU WISDOM : Living the Principles and Philosophies of Kung Fu, Haiku and Nature by Don Baird. From the Foreword: “The title of this book is Haiku Wisdom. Its secondary title is Living the Principles and Philosophies of Kung Fu, Haiku and Nature. While much of the book is drawn on the philosophies of martial arts and its centuries of wisdom, it isn’t limited to that. Haiku, themselves, are often written as clear witnesses of nature and her ways. When observed well and written objectively, the messages of nature readily reveal themselves to the reader. Philosophical surprises are around every corner. It simply takes the poet and reader to connect the dots; aha! … the reader walks away with new and wonderful insights of life and its mysterious ways and workings.” This outstanding collection is archived here by permission of the author.

JUN FUJITA, TANKA PIONEER is perhaps the first master of tanka poetry in English. His work is an important and foundational aspect of the English tanka heritage. Modern English Tanka Press takes great pleasure in making this fine poet’s work once again available to the reading public. Read and download for free at this link: Jun Fujita, Tanka Pioneer .